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Okay; so one day it was working fine then all of a sudden. Pwoof. The next day it doesn't work.
Uninstall reinstall

Checked the cords
they are all fine.
Plugged it into other ports.

Plugged it into my friends computer and installed it.

Unplugged, got my old tablet, installed it.
It works.

Took it into a guy that has worked with them.
He gets it to work right away.
The freaking thing made a fucking liar out of me.

Took it home, reinstalled it.
It works for a day and same thing again.
Now it doesn't work at all.

And I have only had it for ...5 months.
Fucking piece of crap.

I will never get used to limited canvas space that is paper or computer mouse.

Won't see anything (new) for a while.
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No, I'm not dead.
Just thought I should let you know.
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I want to make a flash movie animation.
To a song.

I'd kill myself trying to do that.

Hell, I can't even download the song I want.
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If I took comissions (At a minimum or $9 CAD) would you want one?
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Tagged by :iconshaedoe: 8U.

1. Fill up the blanks with your OCs, or favorite characters/ Put their names by the numbers, too.
2. Answer the questions, or try to.
3. TAG 3 people.

1) Kaisukeh
2) Scathings
3) Aron
4) Daiture
5) Luke
6) Kohas
7) Zacki
8) Ankh
9) Roman
10) Agate

1. What if 7[Zacki] and 4[Daiture] kissed?

Zacki: FFFF WTF?!
Daiture: You're the worst kisser. *spits*

2.Where would 2[|Scathings] bury a treasure?

Scath: Erm .. probably in the mountains. :3

3. 6[Kohas] and 10[Agate get into a fight. Who resorts to violence first?

Kohas: …S-Sorry!
Agate, defiantly.

4. 1[Kai] is kiddnapped and thier kiddnapper demands a ransome of 1,000 dollers from 5[Luke]. Do they help 1[Kai]?

Luke: Why should I? I'm in another country, don't know the guy and he would probably be kidnapped tomorrow.
Kai:... D< damn it you FFFF *exe hiss*
Exe: oh be quiet you.

5. Who is stronger? 6[Kohas] or 8[Ankh]?

Ehh, no idea really. Ankh was raised for battles, but Kohas IS pretty fast, great at sports AND has Luke on his side, I suppose in experience/ability/planning wise, Ankh would be more likely, but I think it could go any way if Luke butts in.

6. Who is 3's[Aron] secret love?

Aron: As of right now, I can't think of anyone. ^^

7. Can 8[Ankh] juggle?

Ankh: ..Juggle /what/ exactly?

8. 1[Kai] is asked on a date by their favorite actor/actress. Do they acept the date?

Kai: Mmn. Yes.

9. What is 5[Luke]'s biggest fear?

Luke: … Losing this body, I guess. Or it being hurt.

10. A Metor is about to hit the planet, can 7[Zacki], 2[Scathings], and 10[Agate] stop it?

Zacki: FFFFF I don't have any super human powers! I'm just a high school math teacher.
Scathings:.... Er… *retreats into an underground cavern*

11. Is 9[Roman] single?

Roman: Does not being committed to marriage or a girl/boyfriend count? If not… then no. |D *follows after a random attractive lady*

13. Does 1[Kai] wish this TAG was over?

Kai: Yeah, I can have some peace, maybe.

14. 8[Ankh] and 7[Zacki] are dancing to the waltz. 2[Scathings] comes in and sees them dancing. 2 [Scathings']'s reaction?

Ankh: I can't dance!
Scathings: Want me to ... show you how its done?
Zacki&Ankh: NO
Scathings: Mmm'k.


15. 9[Roman] and 5[Luke] go to the movies. What movie do they see?

Roman: You're choice. :3
Luke: Why don't we see go screw yourself?
Roman: I heard that was a great movie. =D
Luke: …. I'm surrounded by a bunch of idiots.
Roman: I heard that was good too.
Luke: *facepalm*

16. You are attacked by 1[Kai], 3[Aron] and,10[Agate]. Can you survive?

Me: D8! Why me?!
Kai: Why am I here again?
Aron: Violence isn't necessary, besides, I need to get to work.
Agate: AGKLKASFSAL *kills Inu*

17. What is 4[Daiture]'s favorite color?

Daiture: Royal blue, it fits with my class. *snottylook*

18.Can 7[Zacki] sing?

Zacki: I don't do it very often … but some people told me I have a good singing voice, I'm not sure though.

19. A vampire bites 2[Scathings]. 4[Daiture] sees this, what do they do?

Daiture: …. What am I SUPPOSED to do?
Scath: *Oddly enjoying this*

20. All the OC's get into a battle Royal. Who will win?

Umm…Luke, Ankh or Agate, I think. Maybe Scathings. Luke or Scathings, because neither like violence that much and will find a way to widdle out of it, but if they fought, probably Luke.

I tag:
:iconshaedoe:, :iconshaedoe:, :iconshaedoe:

8D *evil*

I need to learn out to draw girls and get some girl characters.
Though the gay ones are fun. ;D
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I want to draw Luke~
But I want to draw him in a more .. interesting pose than the boring ones I've been drawing lately.
Practise lolz.

Say a pose? I shall try to draw it~
  • Mood: Optimism…

Pleasy? He needs one. :3
I have no ideas on one. XD;
  • Mood: Relief
Sorry about that, I tend to get angtsy, emotional and angry when I am in paint.

To clear it up of what happened, I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, and it hurts, its ok for right now, I think that the pain killers are still in affect, its just /sucks/ that it takes HOURS to go into effect. Bah.

But since pain makes me more ... testy and such.
Once again, sorry.
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soemthing or other
  • Mood: It's Hot
We have this container of Lawry's seasoned salt
and its about the same height as the length of my hand.
And at the bottom of it, says 'Economy Size'
....Does this mean that the Economy is about the size of my hand? lol.
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Its like Sonic and Disney took over the interwebs.
Seriously, I look up anything with the word 'Rouge' in it and 98% of it will be that one female bat girl.
Seriously 1: there IS more than one 'Rouge'
2: It can be a class, I'm not looking for the same bat girl all drawn in the same style, I'm looking for drawings of characters that are ACTUAL ROUGES for references.
3: I know if you like something ... you'll draw it ...but does it ALL HAVE TO LOOK THE SAME?
So much for unique styles.

I guess if I want to look for something thats anything close to an actual rouge my god, I'll have to look up 'thief'

This isn't just on DA, but on Google too.

Just a mini rant.

  • Mood: Disgust

Rules: Everything you type must be a lie. LIE!

1. Are you male or female?
I'm not neither, I'm not both and I'm not inbetween.

2. What is your birthday and how old are you?
I was born in Moogoolary on the 56th on a cornday in year 2345 and I am tottally 3000 years old.

3. Where do you live?
The Center of the Earth, in the belly of a T Rex.

4. Do you have living relatives like parents, siblings, spouse or children?
Not blood relitives, a tribe of Aztec Armilian badunkadonk wolves raised me.

5. Do you take part in politics? If so what party/candidate do you support/vote for?
Actually, yes, I take part in Simolitics. Because whoever is going to be president of Simopolia is SRS BIZNES.

23. How would you describe your personality?
I don't have one.

6. Where do you work or study at?
In the mining caves of Atlantis, because like ... you can tottally read paper underwater.
Paper and ink is waterproof, you know.

7. What kind of clothes you wear?
Bakinis, tottally, they are super sexy on the gender challenged folks.

8. What are your favorite foods and drinks?
Seaweed and Beetlejuice

9. How many friends do you have?
A million.
And I screw every one of them.
*rapes the hell out of you all*

18. Do you do "IT" often?
Tottally, rape is sexay.

10. Why did you join DA?
Becuz all dem coolz peepz wur tlkn abut it and I wanted to b coolz too. :(

11. What kind of art you like?
Disney, totally, because a whole bunch of people drawing characters that look like from cutscenes that draw big cats like the lion king and all their dogslike Balto wolves.
Because like, its tottally unique and not sickening after 400 pages of it.

12. What kind of art do you make?
Because they need someone to make them too.

13. Are you famous here on DA?
Like hellz yah.
I'm as poopular as Obama y'alls!

14. Do you comment/answer comments?
Of course not, who do you think I am? Mr. Kindus Gracius Mc Niceus?
Oh hawl naw!

I just drown myself in the adoration of my loving fans!

15. Do you fav often?
Nope, not at all.
Unless its Lion King cats or Balto dogs, then I fave.
All my favourites are of such.

16. Do you do lots of trades, take part in competitions or get gift art?
Yes, quite a bit, I make trades every week, enter contests everyday and recieved millions opon millions of gift art.

17. Do you like quizzes?
Yes, because quizzes are so fun and would be the only reason why I would want to go back to school.
Because Quizes are hot and I would hit it.

19. Do you use DA often?
No, I just come on to upload once a year and let people bask in my beautiful artwork!
Because DA is tottally over 100 years old.

20. Where did question 18 go?
To the place NONE SHALL PASS! *sticks question 18 up your ass*

21. What kind of gift art you would want to?
To? To fuck?
I get a hard on off of them people with galleries full of naked anime women.
Because they are hawt shit and there is totally not enough of it out there!

22. Did you enjoy doing this quiz?
No, of course not.
A complete waiste of time.

24. Where did question 23 disappear?
I ate it.


This quiz was fun, because I can totally be sarcastic (which everyone knows I LOVE), bash things on purpose and act like a horny pervert. *rapes you all*


Also, my tablet lives.
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Well uhh.
I think my Tablet might be going to its grave.

This morning I spilled water on it.
So computer was spared.

But the tablet, just ... is spazzing, like when typing adding a whole bunch of spaces, trying to be a keyboard and the scroll bar going up and down ... and the screen getting bigger and smaller and making my screen look like its dancing to techno.

I've spilled water on it before but its never behaved this way.

So, if I plug it in two days from now and it still does this, I am calling it dead. =/

Also, I HIGHLY doubt I'll be able to get a new one down here.
So, I might not get one again until ... June because we're going back to Canada and I believe there is a shop that sells tablets in Montreal.
But, if my parents are WILLING to buy a new one.
So I might not even get one then.

So this is just ..great. >_>

And lord knows I can't draw with a mouse, at all.

So yeah.

...Atleast .. if I get a new one, it'll be like 300-400 bucks cheaper? ._.;
But yeah.
Thats the news of todayyyy.
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Dear Sachi & Saira.

I don't really know how to tell you this, but I'm selling myself. I think I realized it kast year at the mental hospital and I saw you sit on my John F. Kennedy-statue. I'm sure you're ashamed enough to understand how awful I've felt. I'm returning your memories from the military service to you, but I'll keep your left ear as a memory. You should also know that I told my psychiatrist about Oprah Winfrey imitations.

Your everlasting enemy,


I had to do this when I finally figured it out. xD
Uhh, do it if you want. 8|

Yeah, I'm still keeping your left ears though. 8D
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hope you all had a good Hodiday expiriance.

Sooo ..what did you get? ;]

I got uhh..lets see

Underwear. (I really got it months ago, but they went poof)

A decent chair! Its confy, has rollers and AJSAJJKSAJSAKJL I LOVE IT.

Two movies. Final Fantacy Advent Children (I saw it once xd) And Final Fantacy the spirits within. (The weirdest thing though is that I was thinking of FF today/yesterday. ADSKJLH WEIRD. I THINK MY BROTHER HAS SOME WEIRD MIND READING POWERS OR SUMTHIN)

Uhh ... a hat with a dingaling.

I got my dad to buy Enya's winter album, so I kinda have that too. (not in disk form though, twas done on the Tunes of I.)

And two shirts.

I has to say, its better an a Tshirt and a appendisidus (I CAN'T SPELL IT) cause yeah ..thats what I got last year.

We were partying all day.
But ... ASDFGHJKL I can NEVER attend a party where at least ONCE I feel ... ehh ... unneeded, so I kinda scuttle off somewhere and wonder if anyone notices if I am gone while I listen to them have fun.


Happy Holidays

and a happy new yeaaaaar.
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I hate it when I am watching an anime on youtube and people deliberatly post spoilers in their comments, I mean, I'm not wathcing it to be told what happens, I'm watching it to find out for myself, otherwise I'd be askign say ... details of what happened in every single episode in Death Note, for example.
Its not so bad if its unrelated, but when people ask 'whats going to happen?' or people just flat out spoil it, its takes away the suspence and enjoyment for me. Probably, thats' why I still have yet to watch Death Note, cause some things have been spoiled.
I can't be the only one that rather watch or read than be told by some arse that read or watched the darn thing completely before me, right?

Now, you're probably going to say 'don't read the comments' I like to read them, but due to my fast reading ability, even if I scroll over the spoilers really fast, I still manage to read the highlight of the entire thing.

Before you ask, the Anime(s) I am watching is Vampire Knight as well as occaisionally Karin.

No spoilers or I KILL YOU. :P

In other news: Why are so many cheeses so yucky?
My birthday is in less than 4 months.

...I have no idea why I am mentioning this so soon.
But on Feb 23rd, I'll be 16.
But it not like I'mma gonna like ... learn to drive or anything like that.
Baww to my fear of driving.
Seriously, I spazz.


That is all.

Inu out.
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Funniest crack ever. xDD
I watched it tiwce at like ...2 am and just broke out laughing.

I wanted to add more quotes but I'll just post these:

Tamaki: I order you to learn the hustle in one week!
Tamaki: I order you to learn the funky chicken in one week!

Kyouya: Bla da blab da blabba dabba doo.

I can never take Tamaki or Vic seriouly again, srsly. xD


I'm drawing

just not finishing

maybe I'll manage to finish this thinger.
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Drawing "elemental" pictures.
For example, a character or creature that has something to do with said element and clearly shows it.
Like wind: Someone with wings, shown with many ribbons and semi-transparant areas of clothes up in the clouds.
In a very different and pose with a lot of movement.

I plan to try with every element.

But there is a catch: With every element, you can listen to only three songs, the most fitting ones you can find that goes well with said element. From start to finish.

And when you start a new one, a new batch of three songs.

Its kinda fun really.
I'm one of those weird people that can listen to a single song for over two weeks if I chose to, though. So three songs for each picture is nothing.

I wonder how long it'll take..

Now I'm thankfull that atleast 5 years ago, I was lame and made elemental characters. :B
Even though ... I've forgotten most of their names. xDD
Like WInd, I just know what he looks like. :B
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  • Listening to: Feel it in the air - Joee
Yesterday, I was out all day and went to a waterfall pool thinger.
I was out all out all day and went mountain climbing to get there. God, I feel it, all over.


I come home and its past dark.
One of my friends on MSN gives me some really bad news.

One of my friends I met on IMVU had died.
I felt my heart stop for a moment when I read that.
Of course, a second later my dad asks me to do this that and this other thing cause we just got home.

But he was driving on his motorcycle (I think) and then someone hit him, putting him in the hospital and either breaking one or both legs.
He was sick with fevers all the time, but after the cast came off and he was okay again, he played some basketball. He started shaking and his family brought him to the hospital.

They found there was water in his brain from the accident.
Eventually, his heart stopped and he died.

I didn't think it was that serious.
How I was wrong.
I feel sorry for my other friend as well, they were in a relationship.

My friend, was only about 22 years old.

Rest in peace.

I may not believe in God, heaven or hell, but I wish all the best for your spirit, your family and who've you touched with your kindness and selflessness.

  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: Feel it in the air - Joee